Boitier Chassis Bois

Wooden Inox

Wooden Inox
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Châssis Bois avec Plaque Vierge prévue pour le montage de tout type

Dimensions extérieures : 365 x 315 x 70 mm

 Dimensions intérieures :  315 x 265 x 45 mm

 340 x 290 mm Plaque de dessus


Chassis frame is hand built by real solid beechwood. The wood is coloured, pickled in Swedish red and treated with transparent varnish.
This is a prototype of the few that have made. It hase a small visual fly in the ointment, small inaccuracies. Please remember, that it is a real handwork.
I can send to you some photos at a higher resolution. Please send me a request!

Top and Back: Stainless Steel - thickness 1,5 mm
Bottom: Painted metal sheet - thickness 1,2 mm

Dimensions 365 x 315 x 70 mm
Inner Dimensions 315 x 265 x 45 mm
Dimensions of the top Stainless Steel sheet: 340 x 290 mm
Weight: about 3 kg

On the back instrument panel are pre-assembled 2 x RCA socket, 2 x 3 banana socket 4 mm, power socket with fuse and switch.
On the front left is preassembled 3 mm LED socket.