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EL84 de la marque Sovtek  très robuste, bon équilibre du spectre sonore,aux références citées ci dessus mais ça reste très intéressant. Microphonie correcte. .

EL84 tube: "The Sovtek EL84 tube has been a staple for Fender, Boogie, Crate, Peavey and other manufacturers of tube amps using the EL84 tube. This EL84 tube really is a good value. It is predictable, reliable and affordable. You can get good EL84 tone at a reasonable price. The Sovtek EL84 tube has been around a long time, and it has shown continuous improvement over the years. Using a matched set of properly biased tubes will yield a clear smooth sound that is fairly warm and transitions into a smooth breakup with that singing tone that EL84 tubes are known for. In Cathode biased amps like the VOX they get a premium workout and will suffer some effects from heating and cooling. Being prone to mechanical noise in a combo amp, the EL84 tube is not recommended for amps with poor air circulation. The heating/cooling cycle inside an AC30 easy bake oven seems to loosen up the mechanical structures within the tube causing them to become very noisy (mechanically) with time."

2A3C Shuguang

2A3C Shuguang
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Tubes 2A3C Shuguang la meilleure production actuellement le Bulbe resemble au tube 300B

Vendu par paire Matched





Excellent quality Mono plate 2A3

I say it is the best current prodution.
ST-Shape and look same as 300B
Black plate
Factory matched pair
Excellent value compare with 300B
Weight :400 (gram/pair)
Brand : Shuguang

2A3/N Mesh Plate Tubes

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Tube Sophia Electric 2A3 Mesh Plate  embase céramique vendue par paire  appairées









Sophia Electric™ 2A3 Vacuum Tube Mesh Plate Tubes Specification

Filament voltage *2.5V
Nominal filament current 2.5A
Plate voltage 250V
Grid voltage (AC filament) -45V
Plate current 60mA
Plate current 62.5 mA
Amplification factor 4.2
Grid current 0.05 µA
Plate resistance 800 ohms
load resistance 2500 ohms
Maximum plate voltage 300 volts
Maximum plate dissipation 15 watts



PX25 Full Music

PX25 Full Music
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Tube Valve px25 full-music

Superbe paire de tubes PX25 Full Music tres grande


Vendu par paire Matched






Direct Heat Power Triode - PX25

The Ultimate Power Triode reproduced by Full-Music

100% compatible with original PX25

Excellent quality Similar to their 300B Mesh plate

Factory matched pair

Weight :450 (gram/Pair)

Brand : Full-Music




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Tube Valve 845 B

Vendu par paire Matched












Copper base

Stronger internal support

Excellent packing

Tested and Matched pair

Much more details than the cheap one

Still much cheaper than most 300B

Excellent quality

Highly Recommend

New design look like Amperex

Weight :900 (gram/Pair






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Vendu à l'unité









Custom made, limited supply

OEM by Shuguang

Ceramic base, blue glass

I feel it is the best current production 6SN7/CV181 or similar tube

Good NOS tube sky price already

Weight :100 (gram

Brand : Shuguang



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Tube Valve 300B A

Vendu par paire Matched


My favoriate low cost 300B

Excellent for entrance level and beginner

Weight :400 (gram/Pair)


6L6 GC

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Tube Valve 6L6 JJ  tu-6l6gc-jj_r
Tube Valve 6L6 JJ

 6L6 GC si vous prenez plusieurs tubes ils vous seront livrés appérés, si vous le demandez pas de surcoût pour cette option


Tesla is a world renowned name and was a state enterprise of Czechoslovakia covering a variety of electronic products as well as tubes (audio, transmitting and others). Now, since the country has divided, the audio tubes are manufactured in Slovakia and the manufacturers have changed their name to JJ Electronic.



QQE 0640 OU 829

QQE0640 829
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Tube Valve 829 B

QQE 0640 si vous prenez plusieurs tubes

ils vous seront livrés appérés

si vous le demandez pas de surcoût pour cette option

Double tetrode





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Tube Valve  6C33
Tube Valve 6C33


6C33 si vous prenez plusieurs tubes ils vous seront livrés appérés si vous le demandez pas de surcout pour cette option

Triode de forte puissance utilisée en amplification HiFi.
Tube militaire de fabrication russe, très robuste.
Bons résultats en configuration "OTL".




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Tube Valve  6l6 sovtek
Tube Valve 6l6 sovtek


100TH Eimac

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Triode amplificatrice , modulatrice , oscillatrice , dissipation plaque 100 watts max , 3000 volts max , 225 ma max , fréquence max 40 mhz , EIMAC












250TH Eimac

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10 rf tube eimac 250th

Triode de puissance utilisée comme amplificateur , oscillateur et modulateur ,dissipation plaque 250 watts , fréquence max 40 mhz , trés utilisée en audio, EIMAC









304TL Eimac

304TH Eimac
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Tube 394A

Tube 394A
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Octal (Int.Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935 (Codex=Uc)
Chauffage Vf 2.5 Volt / If 3.2 Ampère / Direct /
Description 1250V PIV, 640mA average. 
     thyratron triode à cathode chaude , a remplissage d'argon et vapeur de mercure , chauffage 2,5V , Va max 1250V 


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Cathode tungstène
30 kW


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Name GU81M

Type pentode

Cathode typetugsten,carbidized,direct heating

Application fiel

 power amplification up to 50 MHz

Brief application amplification, oscillation

Envelope   glass

Cooling method air

Dimensions 260mm x 202mm

Mass 1 kg

Filament voltage 12.6 V

Filament current at most 11 A

Mutual conductance  4.5 to 6.5 mA/V

Gain coefficient 2.5 to 4

Output power   0.45 kW

Maximum anode voltage   550 V

Maximum operating frequency 50MHz





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CV57 Tetrode de grande taille 190 x 50 mm maille permettant de réaliser des amplificateurs audio avec une puissance de 100W par canal monté en push pull




CV57 beam tetrode 'hard valve' modulator.

The valve measures 190x50mm and weighs around 150g. It has a 4-pin base. The anode is connected to the top cap