Amplificateurs à Tubes

Amplificateur Bloc Mono 300B

Hirefire-300B kit EU
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amplificateur audiophile mono à lampe 300B













Amplificateur Bloc Mono très haut de gamme avec des tubesFull-Music Mesh Plate 300B tubes EH 6s45pi Gold pin driver tubes 5U4G tube rectifier 0D3A Zenor

Le Prix est pour un Bloc Mono


 Chassis: -
Made of 12mm thick solid aluminum
Made by digital machine
Minimized the possible vibration
Black Ebony Solid wood legs
Maximized the power but keep best resolution re-production
The truth of 300B show completely but also sound solid and strong dynamic.
Maximized the flexibility for any other tubes such as KT66 PushPull.
220-230-240V Version: -

Custom made version for Europe,
Transformers: -
Extra large top quality Power transformer allow your further development.
No capacitor used on signal path to minimize auditable phase shifting.
Daburu C-core Z11 0.35mm lamination potted Output transformer.
Daburu EI-core Z9 0.22mm lamination potted interstage transformer.
Mars Z11 EI-core 0.35mm lamination full shouldered power transformer 400W.
Tubes: -
Full-Music Mesh Plate 300B tubes
EH 6s45pi gold pin driver tubes
China made 5U4G tube rectifier
0D3A Zenor reference tube or equivlent
Sockets and Misc parts: -
CMC pure solid silver RCA socket
CMC brass speaker Terminal
Gold plated OFC copper IEC socket
Solen and M-Caps for main reservoirs
RA non-inductive resistors (made in USA) on audio path
Misc Resistors pack
Power Switch, LED and misc pack
Wire pack including solid-core 99.99% pure silver wire for signal path

Amplificateur Stéréo EL34VT

ValeTech EL34VT
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amplificateur stéréo intégré avec tube EL34

Amplificateur Stéréo Intégré 2 x 30W Class AB haut de gamme

Equipé de Tubes EL34 x 4 12AX7 x 2 12AU7 x 2 .

Châssis en Aauminium de 12 mm avec ses protèges tubes fiches d'entrée RCA et Sortie HP plaqué OR


It is great sounding and excellent quality parts quality.
Full aluminium chassis by 12mm solid aluminium (4 sides) and 3mm aluminium sheet (top and bottom) alley.
CMC RCA-805FG RCA socket
CMC 858M speaker terminal
Solid Aluminium Knobs
Removable Aluminium tube Protective frame for EL34 tubes
Steel tube Protective frame for other tubes
30W Class AB
EL34 x 4
12AX7 x 2
12AU7 x 2
We need 3-5 days prepare for shipping
Weight :19000 (gram/each) Brand : ValeTech